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Transparency & Accountability by Sharing Information in Real-Time

iReport360 Reporting System

iReport360 Reporting System

iReport360 offers built-in logic of the engineered construction process delivering transparency and accountability through web-based reporting and file sharing in...

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RTC360 Development, LLC was founded by construction professionals with the goal to create web-based, work flow solutions to improve communication and reduce risk for...

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Construction Report Templates

Construction Report Templates

iREPORT360 REPORT TEMPLATES We have simplified construction project communication and daily reporting with the team approach.  iReport360 is a web-based, project...

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IBC Construction Inspections

IBC Construction Inspections

Report Templates for Construction Inspections per International Building Code (IBC)   iReport360 has simplified Construction Inspections (Special Inspections)...

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Our clients are excited about the simplicity of the site and the power of real-time communication.

“I am a certified inspector and I have never seen a product like this.  Good job!”

“Nice to have all documentation in one place.  Almost a digitized library on-site”

“Quality field reports with photos and field sketches.  Now I get reports in real-time!”

“Our technicians love to use iReport360 because their daily reports are now easier to complete.”

“I like how you integrated the reporting system.  It brings it all together.”


“The site is easy to use and we like the ability to monitor our projects.”

“I want all of my projects on iReport360.”

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