Help Page – 5. Invite Companies



  • Select “Admin” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Under Project Administration, select “Manage Companies on a Project”
  • Select a Project from the first dropdown menu.  If your project is not listed, you may have to add your project to the system.
  • Select the project role of the company you wish to add to the project from the second dropdown menu.
  • A list of the companies participating in iReport360 will be shown that match the selected project role.  Select the company you wish to add the project by clicking the “Add” button next to the company name.  If the company is not in the company list, then click the “Invite” button to invite a company to join the project. An automated email will be sent to invite the company to join iReport360 for your specific project.
  • The selected company will be shown in the list “Companies Added to Project” at the bottom of the Admin/Manage Companies on a Project page.
  • Continue to select additional project roles and companies as needed.  Please note that companies can be added with multiple roles by repeating the steps above and identifying different roles each time.