Laboratory Concrete Testing

Laboratory Testing Module for Concrete, Grout, and Mortar

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Get laboratory strength results in Real-Time!!  iReport360 includes a series of report templates to follow the workflow process of concrete testing from the field to the lab.  The laboratory strength testing and analysis module is titled iLab360 and included in the iReport360 reporting system.  iLab360 is a major advancement for our industry by sharing strength testing results to the entire construction team through the iReport360 project dashboard.  Click <Here> to learn more about the iReport360 reporting system.

Perfect for Testing Firms, Concrete Ready-Mix Producers, and Pre-Cast Concrete Facilities. iLab360 includes on-line laboratory and strength testing forms for concrete, grout, and mortar.


Confidence will be gained by the entire project team by knowing that material design strengths are met or exceeded. In the event that laboratory testing indicates low breaks or low strength results, the entire project team will be notified of the test results via email alerts and appropriate actions can be taken. Proper communication can prevent costly re-work and assist construction managers or contractors to phase their work with assurance that in-place materials meet design specifications.

Additional laboratory testing templates will soon be available. Please contact us if there are specific testing forms or testing templates that you need.

A screenshot example of a concrete strength report is shown below:

Concrete Strength Testing Concrete Lab Concrete Strength Testing

iLab360 is included in the iReport360 base communication system.

With Better Communication, All Team Members Can “BUILD WITH CONFIDENCE”

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