Time Card

Tracking Time, Budgets, and Production Quantities in Real-Time

iReport360 provides the ability to gather cost and budget information for construction activities in real-time using web-based time card templates.  This functionality within iReport360 is titled iLog360 and will reduce your risk and liability from scope creep, budgeting mistakes, incorrect or overcharging of activities and much more. iLog360 was built for project managers to get their projects up and running quickly, then to manage it during the project’s life cycle.

Project tasks can be for event scheduling purposes and for tracking expenditures of labor or time sheet activities, equipment usage, expenses, personal mileages and unit charges.

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An example of project tasks is shown below.

There is no reason to turn in paper time cards on Friday and have to wait until Monday morning’s time sheet input, the end of the month’s billing reports or until a project meeting for everyone to update you so that you can determine what actions need to taken for a project’s successful outcome.  Monitor your projects in real-time.


iLog360 is included in the iReport360 base communication system.

With Better Communication, All Team Members Can “BUILD WITH CONFIDENCE”

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