Construction Report Templates


We have simplified construction project communication and daily reporting with the team approach.  iReport360 is a web-based, project dashboard for your company to use for daily reporting and file sharing with the built-in logic of the engineered construction process.  In addition, iReport360 has capabilities to invite other companies to join the reporting system for real-time, external, team communication.

Android Screen Shot report pageWith improved project documentation, iReport360 reduces risk and liability while saving time for field and office personnel in an efficient, web-based interface.  iReport360 creates transparency and accountability with detailed reporting and sharing information in real-time.


We have hundreds of report templates and can customize reports to meet your needs.  Each different role of a construction team such as Design Professional or Contractor will only have access to create reports that apply to their role.  All completed reports are available in real-time on the iReport360 project dashboard for the entire construction team to view, print, or save as a PDF file.


All report templates include the following features:

  • Ability to add plan and spec imagesireport tablet
  • Drawing tool to sketch the area of work on the plan images
  • Drop down menus, check boxes, text fields, etc for quickly completing the reports
  • Ability to add multiple photos
  • Years of field experience are built into each report template
  • Custom templates are available at your request

Example reports are shown below.  Normal view has a white background and is perfect for the office or cloudy days.  Dark view is great for sunny days.  Either view is available for your personal preference.

Field Report - Wood2

Punch ListAsphalt PavingRebar Inspection

Click Here for a List of Report Templates


laptop Special Inspections2iReport360 was developed to connect people on a construction project using web-based technologies. We have simplified the daily reporting process and streamlined the flow of information between the office and the field & between team members. So whether your projects are residential or commercial, public or private, iReport360 will improve your day to day operations and reduce your risk through better documentation.

iReport360 is perfect for internal company communication and has the capabilities for external team communication.  Incorporate iReport360 into the Quality Control/Quality Assurance plan for your next project.


With Better Communication, All Team Members Can “BUILD WITH CONFIDENCE”

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