iTraining360 Apps


iTraining360 Apps are a series of training tools designed specifically for Apple and Android mobile devices.


iTraining360 Apps are training tools to help you learn the requirements of the building code and prepare you for special inspection certifications. Knowledgeable inspections can reduce construction failures that costs owners and the general public billions of dollars each year. Certifications are required by the Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC) in order to perform special inspections on construction projects and the iTraining360 Apps will help prepare you for IBC Certifications.

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The training and knowledge obtained from these apps will add efficiency and technical expertise to complete the forms in iReport360 and iBC360 web-based field reports.  Educated field technicians will help reduce risk and allow all team members to Build with Confidence.

Example screenshots of the training apps are presented below.




Available apps include the following:

SI Admin – Fundamental Knowledge of Special Inspections [Apple] / [Android]

SI Bolting – IBC 1704.3 Steel Construction [Apple] / [Android]

SI Concrete – IBC 1704.4 Concrete Construction [Apple] / [Android]

SI Masonry – IBC 1704.5 Masonry Construction [Apple] / [Android]

SI Soils – IBC 1704.7 Soils Construction [Apple] / [Android]

SI Fire – IBC 1704.10 Spray Applied Fire-Resistant Materials [Apple] / [Android]

RTC Concrete – ACI Field Testing Technician Grade I [Apple] / [Android]

RTC Hazmat – Hazmat Training for Nuclear Density Gauges [Apple] / [Android]


You can also download the iReport360 app for the Apple iPad or Android Devices.