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RTC360 Development LLC was founded by 3 construction professionals with the goal to improve communication and reduce risk for the construction industry. RTC360 has simplified the daily reporting process by developing iReport360 which is a web-based, collaborative interface for all construction team members.  Potential users include architects, engineers, special inspectors, testing firms, construction managers, contractors, suppliers, owners, and building officials.    

iReport360 is perfect for both inter-company communication and external communication.  Design Professionals and Contractors can now use iReport360 to access plans & specs, complete on-line daily reports that document construction progress, and share documents in real-time. Inspection Firms can report field testing results and field observations in real-time, while generating high quality reports.  Owners and building officials can now monitor construction activities through this reporting system. 

Connecting people and companies on construction projects is now possible through web-based technologies. Access to construction documentation in real-time is a huge advancement for the construction industry. iReport360 is the base communication system and many add-on upgrades will soon be available. 

With Better Communication, All Team Members Can “BUILD WITH CONFIDENCE”

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