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RTC360 Development, LLC was founded by construction professionals with the goal to create web-based, work flow solutions to improve communication and reduce risk for the construction industry.


Our development team consists of engineers, project managers, and industry leaders that have worked on construction projects from different perspectives. We bring our real-life experiences and different backgrounds to develop the TEAM APPROACH in connecting people in real-time.

How many times have you sat in progress meetings and discussed who should be receiving reports, who is not on the distribution list, and why?

For quality control items, how are deviations reported to your construction team and how are you documenting when they are corrected?
How are punch list items collected, reported, and tracked through the completion of a project?


iReport360 solves this problem and provides real-time communication for report distribution and provides a clear tracking system for deviation notifications and punch list items.

In developing iReport360, one of our goals was to continue using the same testing procedures and lines of communication currently used in our industry, while creating more efficient, real-time reporting of the testing results and verifying that the items that must be observed and tested are being observed and tested in accordance with project specifications and the International Building Code (IBC). In other words, we do not want to add work or steps to any of the current parties involved, but rather make your work more effective and more efficient. We are confident that our products will help your firm reduce cost, reduce risk, and increase efficiency.


With Better Communication, All Team Members Can “BUILD WITH CONFIDENCE”

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