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Posted on Jan 1, 2018


Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 9.41.08 PMiReport360 was developed to connect people on a construction project using web-based technologies. We have simplified the daily reporting process and streamlined the flow of information between the office and the field & between team members. So whether your projects are residential or commercial, public or private, iReport360 will improve your day to day operations and reduce your risk through better documentation.


iReport360 is perfect for internal company communication and has the capabilities for external team communication.  Incorporate iReport360 into the Quality Control/Quality Assurance plan for your next project.

The advantages and benefits of iReport360 are described below.


Save time with automated reporting system (No more mailings, copies, faxes, or emails with large attachments).

Eliminates paperwork for daily reporting by using web-based report templates.

User-friendly interface available on a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer or any device capable of accessing the internet.

Access to approved submittals, mix designs, material certs, etc in real-time.

Quickly relay questions or issues from the field to the office with photos and daily reports that include sketches on plan images and photos.

• Always have the most up-to-date plans and specs.

Access to all field reports and lab reports in real-time so no more lost files or emails.

Increase efficiency by centralizing all files/reports into one location and available to access when away from the office.

• Find each project location using the mapping tool on the project page.

• Document weather conditions using the weather tool on the project page.

• Web-based time card and expense report  using iLog360 <click here for more information>.


Monitor the progress of your projects using any web device such as a smart tablet, laptop, or PC through review of the Photo Gallery, Daily Reports, etc.

User-friendly interface with minimal training required.

Access all field reports and lab reports in real-time. Eliminates the “unknown” or “assumed” or “misplaced” documentation.

Easy to distribute updated plans and specs in real-time to field personnel.

Receive immediate notifications of problems or deviations from the field.

Assured quality documentation of field activities by access to review reports in real-time.

Easy to share files, cost information, cost codes, sketches, etc. with field personnel.

Increase efficiency by centralizing all files/reports into one location and available to access when away from the office.

Manage multiple projects with ease on iReport360 with the ability to quickly move between projects.

Easy to distribute approved submittals, mix designs, materials certs, etc. to field personnel.

• Project information page includes contact information for each company’s project managers.

Track budgets and production quantities in real-time using iLog360 <click here for more information>.


Monitor the progress of your projects using any web device such as a smart tablet, laptop, or PC through review of the Photo Gallery, Daily Reports, etc.

Reduce risk and potential for litigation 50% to 75% by improved field documentation through detailed, web-based report templates that include photos and plan images.

Reduce labor costs by automating the reporting process. No more redundant and unnecessary handling of paper in the office or the field.

Reduce expenses by minimizing paper file storage and eliminating digital file storage by using a cloud-based data storage system.

Increase sales by offering to Project Owners a transparent reporting and operating system by providing the Owner access to iReport360 for their projects.

Monitor your scope of services by observing your company’s activities.

Each role of a construction project can reduce risk and liability through improved documentation.
iReport360 was developed by construction professionals for construction professionals.

Our development team consists of engineers, project managers, and industry leaders who know the value of proper reporting.



CONTRACTORS AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS need to be assured their work is properly documented.

ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS need to be assured their projects are built per their design intent.

TESTING AND SPECIAL INSPECTION FIRMS need to be assured they are properly documenting the activities per the building code.

MATERIAL SUPPLIERS need to be assured their materials are properly handled, properly stored, and properly installed.

OWNERS need to be assured they are getting what they have paid for.

iReport360 is the solution to allow all team members to “Build With Confidence”


Additional benefits and features of iReport360 are described below.

  • Increased utilization for field members, project managers and office staff. Field members will report their activities while they do their activities. Therefore, they will not need to spend hours writing a report. Project Managers will no longer have frustration from lost reports or simply not getting a report and will allow them to spend more time actually managing their projects. Clerical staff will not be required to type, fax, or mail reports, and they can now spend their time focusing on the client and not internal activities and paper shuffling.
  • On-line report templates are available for Testing Firms to document their field and laboratory testing.  Click here for a list of available report templates.
  • iBC360 is a premium upgrade with report templates available per the 2006 International Building Code.
  • Field reports are accurate and highly professional which, as a result, will allow for an increase in revenue. Clients will know the quality of your services and will look to you for their next venture.
  • Photo Gallery will allow team members to share progress photos with the entire construction team.  In addition, photos can be included in the field reports. Documentation is the key to our business and photos add much more information than text can describe.
  • Plan Drawings, Specifications, and Shared Files can be uploaded and readily available on the construction site or in the office. Easy access to these shared documents will minimize mistakes and allow the entire project team to have full access to all construction documents.
  • File size or compatibility issues are no longer problems since all of the reports are easily accessible on-line and can be printed directly from the on-line database.
  • Project managers can track the progress of each of their projects on a daily basis by reviewing the daily reports and photo gallery on-line. This will allow them to determine the priority of visiting each project and help them become more efficient with their time.
  • Risk will be reduced by providing confidence that your team members’ activities met the scope of services outlined in your contract. For example, Chapter 17 IBC Soils Construction contains five citations that are required by the project documents. The report templates available in iBC360 will assure that your activities meet the duties specified in the IBC.
  • Costs will be reduced by eliminating the need to purchase expensive code materials that all Special Inspectors need in the field to verify their observations meet the building code requirements. For example, there will be no second guessing what the minimum cover requirement is of reinforcing steel in a soil excavation or what the quantities for cementious materials should be in an on-site grout batch.
  • Training costs can be reduced for your Special Inspectors. The report templates intuitively provide training and education to younger or less experienced Special Inspectors on citations items of the IBC. Costs for expensive certifications testing will be reduced as less retakes will be required.
  • On-line forms for laboratory strength testing of concrete, grout, and mortar are available through the iLab360 module.
  • iReport360 can be used from any device capable of accessing the internet, such as a laptop computer, smart phone, or other mobile device. Therefore, purchase of a specific hardware is not required.
  • Affordable, user-based price structure makes iReport360 feasible for both large and small companies.


With Better Communication, All Team Members Can “BUILD WITH CONFIDENCE”

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